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Quill Veterinary Barbed Sutures

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Elevating wound closure to an advanced level with Quill barbed sutures

Eliminate knots

Increase closure security

Decrease closure times

Quill Veterinary barbed suture up close

Create a better wound healing environment with a water tight closure

Unique high-density helical barbed structure with 42 barbs/in facilitates healing by grasping the tissue throughout the wound spreading tension evenly.

Close up of a Quill barbed suture section

Benefits of using Quill compared to a regular suture

A time-saving closure device that eliminates the need to tie knots to secure the closure.

  • No knots to bury eliminating irritation caused by suture tags.
  • Intuitive, easy to use design with no change to standard technique of running suture.
  • As much as a 50% reduction in closure times has been reported with using Quillsuture.
  • Create a better wound healing environment with a water tight closure.

Learn how Quill Veterinary will shorten surgical times and benefit your practice

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How a Quill Veterinary barbed suture works

Quill barbed suture - Anchor the device

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Quill barbed suture - Run the stitch

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Quill barbed suture - Lock the stitch

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Anchor the Quill Device

With the Quill device needle, take initial bite of the tissue. Then, pass the needle through the variable loop. Cinch down to engage the barbs at the fixation point.


Run the Stitch

Continue approximating the tissue in a running fashion until the opposite end of the wound is reached. The barbs retract for delivery and then engage for fixation.


Lock the Stitch

Continue to the end, then employ a back stitch to lock the suture in place and cut the remaining Quill suture flush with the tissue. When approximating the subcuticular layer, exit laterally through the skin, retract on the suture and cut flush with the skin.

Watch how a Quill vet approximates tissue after Mast Cell Tumour removal

Quill surgery example

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