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Quill PDO

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Quill PDO

This synthetic absorbable monofilament indicated for use in general soft tissue approximation and/or ligation but not for use in cardiovascular or neurological tissues, microsurgery or ophthalmic surgery. At 14 days it retains 80–90% tensile strength, 60–82% at 28 days, 47–79% at 42 days and essentially absorbed between 180 and 220 days. Available in dyed (violet).

Quill™ PDO is available in two barb configurations

Bi-directional Quill is a double-armed suture. Barbs reverse direction at the mid-point of the suture.

Uni-directional Quill is a single armed suture. The suture is anchored using the adjustable loop at the apex of the wound.

Quill Veterinary Barbed Sutures Bi or Uni

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