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Ultra high visibility, easy handling, non-absorbable

New from SilverGlide, Fluroglide is a super smooth, vivid orange, non-absorbable PVDF suture which provides outstanding contrast against all shades of skin, fur and hair.

For longer wound closures, Fluroglide™ is available in 70cm to 90cm lengths.

  • 70cm – 90cm
  • Monofilament
  • Very low memory
  • Superior knot security (securely knots in THREE throws)
  • Totally inert and unwetted by blood
Fluroglide PVDF

Arthroscopy suture with Fluroglide non-absorbable PVDF

Arthroscopy suture with Fluroglide non-absorbable PVDF

Catheter suture with Fluroglide non-absorbable PVDF

What is PVDF?

PVDF is a totally inert, flexible, strong-walled non absorbable monofilament suture material. It has relatively low memory and a pleasing elasticity (stretch) for a monofilament that is easy to tie and will secure a locked knot in just three throws.

SilverGlide recognises the great properties of PVDF and has pleasure in offering it to veterinary surgeons in vivid orange Fluroglide and also the shorter, bright yellow SHORTY

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