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Ultra high visibility, easy handling, non-absorbable

Sutures Released!

Ever just needed a short length, high-vis suture for a small incision?

Look no further than ‘SHORTY’.

Only $99 for a box of 36.

That’s just $2.75 per suture!

  • 45cm / 18” inch
  • Monofilament
  • Very low memory
  • Superior knot security (securely knots in THREE throws)

Double forward throw

(Surgeons throw)

double forward throw

Single reverse throw

Creating a square knot, with which to adjust tension.

single reverse throw

Single forward throw

(Locking the knot)

single forward throw locking the knot

Final result

9 interrupted sutures, with long tails, from a 45cm length

9 uninterrupted sutures from 45cm

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