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Equine coolaid


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Equine Icing and Cooling Wraps are an excellent way to cool ligaments and tendons after exercise, competition or injury.  Products can be placed in the freezer for ultimate cooling or can also be used with any temperature of water to start the cooling process.
Simply wet it, wring it and shake it to start the cooling process. When freezing, just wet it, wring it and place in the freezer for 1 hour, if the wrap is rolled allow more time for the wrap to freeze thoroughly. 

To achieve the coolest temperature possible when no freezer is available, wrap can be placed in a cooler with ice and water.
Coolaid uses evaporation technology, when not icing to achieve the ultimate cooling experience, remove wrap after 10 minutes and shake to reactivate the cooling process and rewet if needed.

Coolaid Wraps are extremely beneficial in areas that are sore, have swelling, or for post-operative procedures.  Make sure that the application of the wrap is comfortable for the athlete.

  • Coolaid Icing and Cooling Wraps are sold in pairs.
  • Always take caution when applying a new product.  Before wetting or freezing the hock wraps, apply to the horse to ensure the proper fit and allow the horse to become accustomed to their new cooling technology!
  • If the area has been shaved, always utilize a protective barrier, such as vet wrap to place underneath the icing technology
  • Consult your veterinarian before use