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Terms & Conditions

Your Products will be despatched within 24 hours of placing your order with us. Email confirmation of order placement will be sent to you immediately.

SilverGlide™ Payment Terms and Returned Goods Policy

All orders to be paid for at time of ordering, via Credit Card or Paypal.

Returned Goods Policy
Authorisation for the return of merchandise must be obtained from Customer Service by calling 1300 365 241
or 02 9680 4604. SilverGlide™ will refuse any merchandise returned without an authorisation number.

Any requests for authorisation must include:

  1. Reason for the return: “Ordered in Error”, “Shipped in Error”, “Product Complaint”, etc.
  2. Catalogue numbers(s), quantity, and lot number of each box.
  3. Customer’s purchase order number and / or invoice number
  4. Customer’s purchase price.

Special Note: If a customer cannot provide a purchase order number or an invoice number for the returned
merchandise, then credit allowances will be based on previous purchase price history.

Merchandise that will not be accepted:

  1. Merchandise not in standard packaging
  2. Products not listed in the current Price List or obsoleted/discontinued products.
  3. Merchandise damaged by common carrier, (ie. Truck, Courier, Parcel Post). Claim must be made against carrier as risk of loss and title pass to the customer upon delivery by SilverGlide™ to the carrier.

All Claims for Short Shipments:

  1. Must be communicated to SilverGlide™ Customer Service, via telephone or fax, within 30 days from receipt of goods or the claim will not be honoured.

Product Evaluation Samples:

  1. SilverGlide™ will guarantee a 100% refund of the purchase price to the end-user customer for any product purchased on an initial evaluation order, if that product does not perform to your current standards. At least 50% of the original contents of the box must be provided to receive this refund. Contact SilverGlide™ Customer Service on 1300 365 241 for additional details.

Allowance Schedule for Acceptable Stock Returns:

  1. Saleable merchandise returned within 60 days of invoice date requiring no reprocessing Full Credit.
  2. Saleable merchandise returned after 60 days to one year of invoice date requiring no reprocessing Cost less 40%
  3. Saleable merchandise returned within 60 days of invoice date requiring reprocessing,
    repackaging, etc Cost less 40%
  4. Saleable merchandise returned after 60 days to one year of invoice date requiring
    reprocessing, Cost less 40%
  5. Merchandise returned after one year from invoice date No Credit
  6. Merchandise unsuitable for resale No Credit
  7. Merchandise defective at time of receipt by customer Full Credit
  8. Merchandise shipped in error by SilverGlide™ Full Credit


  1. Customer must prepay all freight charges on stock returns except for:
  2. 1. Defective material.
    2. Merchandise shipped in error.
    Upon authorisation by SilverGlide™ Customer Service, merchandise will be accepted freight collect.

  3. Returns from customers must be handled by contacting SilverGlide™ Customer Service.
    These returns are subject to all of the above terms.