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Small Animal Sutures

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Sutures suited to small animals

Ever needed a bright short length suture for skin closure?


Look no further, we have a selection of world renown quality sutures for your needs.
Fluorescent pink polypropylene and bright yellow SHORTY – totally inert, superior know security.
SHORTY –  short length 45cm, are cost effective and can be used for skin closures:
  • Closures of 10cm or less
  • sewing in cannulas,
  • wound drains,
  • arthroscopy port closures.

Double forward throw

(Surgeons throw)

double forward throw

Single reverse throw

Creating a square knot, with which to adjust tension.

single reverse throw

Single forward throw

(Locking the knot)

single forward throw locking the knot

Final result

9 interrupted sutures, with long tails, from a 45cm length

9 uninterrupted sutures from 45cm

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