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Sutures suited to equine surgery

Ever needed a bright short length suture for skin closure?

Look no further, we have a selection of world renown quality sutures for your needs.

Fluorescent pink polypropylene and bright yellow SHORTY

Totally inert, superior knot security.

Short length, Size 0, 50mm needles

perfect for small lacerations and casliks – 45cm length – no waste!

  • High visibility pink polypropylene suture, easy to see in low light or the middle of the night,  super easy remove. 
  • Excellent knot security,
  • Short length suture – MADE for Casliks. 
  • Heavy gauge, SUPER sharp needles – 50mm no one else makes.

Longer lengths are also available

100cm – great for easy placement on dark coloured animal skin, a breeze to remove once the dark fur has grown back.

There is a little more memory in the larger sizes, so it stay within your sterile range – or doesn’t fall on the ground when you in the field.

What about your Absorbable wound closure needs?

We have custom made, large, heavy gauge sutures for Colic surgery.
To be used on the linea alba closure – PGA #3 – 65mm 1/2 Circle Taper Point – 90, 100 and  130cm.

Taper Point Needle, is super sharp and reduces bleeding in the muscle, therefore decreasing healing time and less chance of complications with wound healing.

SG is the only manufacturer in the world who make this combination

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