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Max & Lucy

Max & Lucy

$35.00 ex GST

A dry shampoo sachets containing 300g of powder, powder bulb and funnel.

Instantly freshen your dog, no water required, 100% natural choice in pet grooming between washes .

Safe and great for their coats  – Lavender Essential Oil, free of all chemicals and synthetic fragrances.


Max & Lucy will improve bath time experience with your dog without the need to use a single drop of water. Max & Lucy powder removes loose dirt from their fur and enhances the look of their coat. CEO, David Schemtob says, “We are delighted to launch Max & Lucy at DogFest, dogs will now smell fresher for longer thanks to the use of advanced technology that slowly releases the essential oil fragrance.”

Max & Lucy is 100% natural with lavender essential oil.

Environmentally friendly dry shampoo that is biodegradable and includes a reusable powder bulb. 

Max & Lucy offers convenience by saving you the hassle of giving your dog a wet bath. Pack comes with 4 dry shampoo sachets containing 300g of powder, an Italian designer powder bulb and a funnel. Refills can be purchased separately.



How to Use

Instantly freshen up your dog without a drop of water!

Each sachet contains 75g of dry shampoo powder. Cut along a corner and fill the powder bulb with one sachet slowly. You can use the cardboard funnel supplied to help

  1. 1 sachet will give at least 8 cleans for a large dog and for smaller dogs, a sachet will last for at least 15 applications.

  2. Simply use the powder blowing bulb to puff Max & Lucy onto your dog’s fur. 

  3.  Hold the bulb upright or at a slight angle. Do not turn upside down as this will cause the powder to block the holes.

  4.  Brush or massage into the fur and wipe away any excess

  5.  Cuddle your adorable friend and breathe the freshness